Floor Standing Mirrors: Information for Consideration

If you are searching for an unusual design feature that would be easily incorporated into your current decor and bring an immediate change into your visitors' point of view about your home, then you should consider adding one or more floor standing mirrors.

These items are notable for their larger size and even too large size. They are specially designed to be fixed to a wall, but more commonly use the surface of the floor. Sometimes they just lean on a current wall that is their source of support. Most of traditional floor standing mirrors are equipped with a frame or support stand, which allows this device to be situated perfectly vertically and stand free. However, recently more modern designs of these mirrors are placed at angles, which is diagonally to the floor. They are even considered the latest design features not only in homes but also in offices. Their popularity is growing with each year.

But what is the principle of adding great appeal to the room that these floor standing mirrors are notable for? Well, they have excellent reflective properties which contribute to a new room's dimension, giving it more depth, and even the illusion of being more spacious than it actually is. Besides, any mirror reflects light; and if your room is equipped with an additional mirror it will certainly get lighter. In addition, this light can fill your room in interesting and even unique ways reflecting natural lighting. As a result, you will get not only the illusion of a brighter room but a more illuminated area. It should be emphasized that the larger the mirror, the better these light-reflecting and dimension-adding properties are.

Many years ago people used other methods of making their rooms more spacious and lighter. One of such techniques is the use of wall curtains. They had to be opaque and were attached on walls with the help of fixtures. Less frequently these curtains were attached above an opening or a window. As a consequence, the illusion of a larger space was created. Mirrors can be truly called a wonderful modern alternative to this traditional strategy of interior design.

It's interesting to know that even floor standing mirrors have another alternative that creates the same effect but at the same time takes up the same amount of room. It is the mirrored closet door. In this way, you can confidently change your traditional swinging closet door into a sliding one with a wall to wall mirror. This mirror being a part of the door structure will stay free standing adding light and depth to the room. Such a door will simultaneously function as full length mirror to help you in choosing your outfit and dressing.

Floor standing mirrors are available in different styles nowadays. They can contain thick, uniquely colored frames, or may have no frame at all. Their shape can also vary greatly: they may be narrow, wide, short, or tall. It's recommended to select styles and sizes taking into account the layout of the room where the mirror will be located.